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Let Them Judge You...From The Woods

Hi Everyone!!! I've been reading this book by Jonathan Adler called Golf Psychology, When Positive Thinking Doesn't Work. It is a great read. I recommend it. I just read a part about fitting in. As humans, we hunger for connection, and we build that by fitting in, for instance: at school, with a group of friends, in the group we are paired up with for a tournament. This desire to fit in makes us think about what others are thinking of us. When we do this, we often do something called jumping to conclusions. We assume what others are thinking about us, and assume that they are judging us. They may very well be. But more often than not, they are thinking the exact same thing. They think you are judging them, too. These thoughts take our FOCUS away from the present moment, and may even cause us to behave differently, as we try our hardest to fit in and connect. This distracts us from FOCUSING on our process, and our plan. It is also, more often than not, NOT based in reality. What is the reality, Coach J? Great question! The only way to know what others are thinking is to ask them. I don't know about you, but I don't generally go around asking people, "Hey, what are you thinking about me right now?" It's just kind of weird. So next time you are in a situation where you are feeling judged, FOCUS on your plan. Stick to your process and let them judge you from the woods, while you sit nicely in the fairway! Reflection Time!!!

Have you ever found yourself worrying about how others see you?

o How does this affect your game?

o How does this affect your ability to focus on the present moment?

o How does other’s perception of you play into your ability to hit the ball? (example - on the first tee of a tournament) Stay Motivated, Coach Johnathan

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