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The Story

I love all aspects of performance and utilize an approach that will help unlock the mental fortitude you already have. I have worked with professional, collegiate and weekend golfers. I have also worked with elite athletes from 8 years old to international Olympics and US Army Rangers. I have probably worked with someone like you!


I have been training athletes since 2010, and golfers since 2017. My golf journey began as a child. One of my first memories is hitting a 2 iron in the alley with my sister. I would hit the ball and run to hit it again. I wanted to hit it like my dad, but I was only 7. I learned then that I must always try my best, no matter how small I was. I began to realize what Mental Strength was.


During my time in the Navy, I learned about team work and leadership, but also about resilience and pushing myself beyond my perceived limits. If you want to be the best, you have to work for it. Greatness does not come easy. I developed The Mental Side of Golf training program to help you learn about yourself, how to push yourself past your perceived limits, and ultimately lower your golf score. Bonus, you will also become a better human. The skills I have put together in this program transfer to all domains of your life.


I am extremely passionate about being active, healthy, and developing the proper techniques in everything I do both physically and mentally. I’m also extremely passionate about the game of golf, it's life lessons, and excited to be part of your golf journey, no matter how big or small.

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To help create and shape the ABSOLUTE BEST minds in golf.


To help others see themselves as they are, accept it, and do their best in all aspects of their lives.


To inspire others to overcome obstacles and be resilient in the face of setbacks.


The Mental Side of Golf will provide tailored programing that inspires others to overcome obstacles, and achieve their absolute best self. 

Golf is a tough sport. It is mentally draining, and every shot is a unique challenge. The Mental Side of Golf will share the tools required to focus the mind on the right thing at the right time to sink more birdies. 

Let's be clear, there is no magic pill. This will require you to work. If you have what it takes to overcome the Mental game, you will beat your competitors more often, and The Mental Side of Golf can get you there. 

Stay Motivated,

Coach Johnathan

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